Bayside Brewing Co.-Erieau, Ontario’s first brew pub

CallBox1-316x120The small fishing village of Erieau, Ontario, known for its boating and vacationing has made a name for itself in the world of micro brewing.  Erieau’s livelihood is fishing and tourism, and until July 2012 it was missing just one thing; a local brewery right smack dab on the bay.  Bayside Brewing Co. has the locals singing its praises and has contributed a great deal to this scenic and laid back village.

baysideThe brewery is housed in the historical former locale, Tilt ‘N’ Hilt ‘N’ Hotel, which was known to villagers as a place to gather with friends for a cold beer.  This legendary venue was stripped of its many layers of paint and fully renovated to its current state which is a modern and cozy cabin- like brew pub on the bay.  With the birth of Bayside Brewing Co. has come the creation of Long Pond Lager and their delicious fire wood pizza to pair.  I popped into Bayside when I went back home to Ontario before the holidays and had my first sip of this refreshing lager.  The brew has a hint of crisp apple notes and with one sip I could tell that it’s the ideal thirst quencher for the hot summer heat.

If you find yourself in the Erieau area, be sure to drop in for a visit and try their brew while getting lost in conversation with the very friendly locals .



2 thoughts on “Bayside Brewing Co.-Erieau, Ontario’s first brew pub

  1. I have been there several times, and have taken home a few jugs……………..wonderful beer and a great asset to Erieau, wishing you many years of success, being a native of Erieau nice to see!

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