Big Rock’s BIG year of new releases!

Picture 1204 I’m a true Ontarioanite…though my taste buds for local brews would tell you otherwise! I’m a sucker for supporting local Calgary breweries because well…they are just TOO good! Just one brewery to name a few is Big Rock Brewery. These guys started in 1985 in the city and have since expanded to eight other provinces and two territories in Canada. The quality that this brewery offers is why Big Rock fans remain trusted and dedicated to their beer. Ed McNally, founder of Big Rock declared “To create a masterpiece, no compromise may be tolerated”, and this still stands now 30 years later while developing and evolving their craft.

The past year has already proved to be an exciting one for Big Rock and its fans, with new beers PARADOX_Wetpopping up on a regular basis. Just this past week Big Rock launched two new brews that will be sure popular items for the spring/summer season. The two newbies have been incorporated into The Swinger Pack (15 cans) with three other familiar players; SAAZ Republic Pilz, IPA and Grasshopper. Paradox Dark Light Ale is dark in colour, though tender in flavour with just ever so subtle malt notes. Paradox finishes with a gentle bitterness from Fuggles hops. This light bodied easy-drinking ale is a sure thirst quencher. And you thought the mix of dark and light was simply not possible in beer…Big Rock Brewery, thanks to brewmaster, Paul Gautreau has just proved us all wrong!

PURPLE_GAS_WetThe unthinkably, and impossibly delicious and unique brews don’t stop just yet. The next one is a fruit wheat ale (filtered) with hints of Saskatoon berries and agave nectar from all natural ingredients. Purple Gas is an impeccably balanced and refreshing fruity and tart beer that will be sure to satisfy in the summer months on a patio.

For availability and location of the Swinger Pack, including these two new brews, visit Big Rock Brewery Beer Goggles. Stay tuned for more BIG surprises from Big Rock in the coming months!


2 thoughts on “Big Rock’s BIG year of new releases!

  1. Hey Meg,

    First, thanks for continuing to write about what is going on in beer in Calgary! Second, I just wanted to point out a small typo in the name of one of the BR beers, you accidentally wrote “SAAX” instead of “SAAZ”.

    Cheers! Dave

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