Big Rock Eddies Celebrates 20 Years

Me and my husband/date to the Eddies!

Me and my husband/date to the Eddies!

After this years Big Rock Eddies, guests, judges and sponsors took away with them community pride, and award winners walked away with that and a little extra cash in their pocket. The Eddies is an event that all beer lovers in Calgary look forward to each year, as it allows the opportunity for creators of the print, video and t-shirt submissions to express through their talent why they are so proud to be a fan of Big Rock. The evening kicked off with the ever famous red carpet where guests had the opportunity to display their wacky, humorous, fancy, over-the-top oscar-esque get-ups. Everyone enjoyed sipping on the real reason why everyone was gathered there that evening, Big Rock beer! Life of Chai, their most recent creation, as part of the Brewmaster Series, was being sampled and everyone from media to industry folk, beer lovers, beer creators, and community supporters rubbed shoulders while enjoying their favourite Big Rock product.

Big Rock CEO, Bob Sartor

Big Rock CEO, Bob Sartor

The 20th Big Rock Eddies marked a year unforgettable for everyone involved. The event was postponed this year due to the tragic flooding back in June, and this years celebration donned more pride and community spirit than ever. Bob Sartor, CEO of Big Rock stood proudly on stage as he announced the start of the event and said “The result of 20 years is lots of laughs and lots of fun.” He impressed upon how community is one of the other big reasons for Big Rock’s success over the past 20 years. Sartor commended Ed McNally, founder of Big Rock, as this man has not only created Big Rock as a house hold name to all Albertans but he birthed what really is high-quality and pure craft beer. Ed McNally, though retired now, attended the ceremony with his wife, and it was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to shake their hands and to personally commend McNally for his brilliance. Mayor Nenshi, one of the judges for the print category this year spoke about his pride in Calgarians and how special a community we are to come together and support others even during the most trying times. The crowd raised their glasses and applauded as Nenshi proclaimed “Lets hear it for Calgary!”

Big Rock Brewmaster, Paul Gautreau

Big Rock Brewmaster, Paul Gautreau

The winners of the video, print and t-shirt categories were no doubt a highlight of the evening. The first place video was awarded to Greg Arenburg for his video ‘Cheers‘. Robin Blais took home the award for her t-shirt design ‘Stuffed’, and Bill Mallory won first place in the print category for his Highland Games design. The prize for the student category poster went to Logan Tanner for his “Every Man Dreams of Getting a Big Rock”, and last but not least the Responsibility category print winner was Justin Poulsen for his message about the dangers of drinking and driving. Congratulations to all the winners and submissions! Stay tuned to Big Rock for all the winning videos, posters and t-shirts from this years Eddies.

Keep your eyes out for your chance to enter the 2014 Big Rock Eddies, early in the year, and look out for the unveiling of many more Big Rock products. The innovation and most recent releases are just the beginning from Big Rock.



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