Moving Mayhem-Brews to Cure the Madness!

Do you have a big move planned? Or maybe you spent the majority of your summer getting settled into a new home. The stress and cost of moving is enough to make one crazy! To cure your madness from moving, check out these tasty and refreshing beers that are perfect for the ‘heat’ of packing, unpacking and moving.

For those of you that have tackled a big move in the past, know that it isn’t a small feat. It takes days on end to get settled, and the move itself can take a full day. You need a beer that will..ehem…allow you to sustain the full day, so a light, low alcohol beer, and one that isn’t too full-bodied or sweet. Think thirst quenching, crisp and refreshing. Session beers as they are called, are great for, well, session drinking, when you know you’ll be sipping on more than just one. I’ll be honest, with the thought of ever having to move again, I know I’ll need more than one tasty craft beer to get me through; something to look forward to at each break, and at the end of the very end of the day. Saison’s are my ultimate favourite session beers. Now these are certainly not lacking in body and flavour, though they are balanced enough, and light enough to enjoy over an extended period. I’ve just discovered a Saison by Green Flash Brewing Co.,(thanks to Kensington Wine Market) out of San Diego called Saison Diego which I absolutely love! It is very subtle with coriander, grass and citrus notes, a slight tartness and it’s very fresh. At 4.5% this is a must try Saison and will be sure to keep you standing during your next big move!

If you’re more of a pale ale fan, reach for Deschutes Brewery’s Mirror Pond Pale Ale. This beer is part of their regular year-round portfolio, and it is a great easy drinking pale with a bronze hue. It’s smooth and very drinkable as it have just the right amount of hops and pale malt to even out the hoppiness.

Lastly, Big Rock has released a Märzen, Gerstemeister Marzen, just in time for Oktoberfest. Marzen is a style of beer that was traditionally brewed in Germany in March to be enjoyed in the fall. This beer is brewed with Hallertau and Tettnanger hops and brings about a very European style flavour profile with maltiness and just an ever so slight hop finish. The Gerstemeister Marzen is only available in the Family Jewels mix pack, which includes the Scottish Style Heavy Ale, gold old classic Traditional Ale, and brand new, Monkey’s Fist IPA. Each of these beers in the mix pack are more than worthy of you picking one up before this limited edition combo runs out.

Let’s face it, with pizza likely being the only thing on the moving and likely unpacking menu, these beers will all pair well with any kind of pizza pie! So whether you’re still unpacking from your summer move, or trying to squeeze a move in before the cold temperatures start, do yourself a favour and pick up one or all of these beers today to maintain your sanity.



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