12 beers of Christmas-Day 1 (Parallel 49, Salty Scot)


If you’re anything like me during the holidays, you’re looking forward to trying all the fabulous and festive beers there are out there. This year in honour of the holidays for all you beer lovers, I’ll be posting 12 great brews that are a must try this season!

The first recommendation as part of the 12 beers of Christmas is by Parallel 49 Brewing Company out of Vancouver, BC, and is hands down my most favourite beer this Christmas. Salty Scot is the name, and don’t be surprised if many Calgary liquor stores are sold out by Christmas as I cannot seem to get enough of this one. It’s a Scottish style ale that has notes of caramel and salt with a beautiful pairing that envelopes you like a warm blanket. It has warm subtle caramel notes with a sweetness that’s evened out nicely with an ever so gentle salty finish. It reminds me of caramel and toasted almond bark, and is ideal for you sweet and savory fans out there. It’s 7.5% and can be purchased in large 650 ml bottles, so please enjoy in moderation or do be sure to have a safe drive home after this one!



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