12 Beers of Christmas-Day 2 (Delirium Noel)

Delirium Noel-Photo Credit www.realbeer.com

Delirium Noel-Photo Credit http://www.realbeer.com

There’s nothing that says Christmas more than a beer that has pink elephants wearing santa hats on the label, and packs and punch of 10% abv. Belgian brewery, Brouwerij Huyghe, known for their Delirium Tremens, also brew a festive Belgian strong dark ale called Delirium Noël. Instead of reaching for a nice glass of port or liqueur after your Christmas meal, this beer is the perfect and sweet replacement to pair with apple pie or enjoy on its own. At the first sip you’ll see just why this Belgian brew and three others from the brewery are award-winning and have been named best beer in the world in 2008 at the World Beer Championships.

The Noël is full of sweetness from the high alcohol and malt and has rich spice notes blended with hints of toffee, caramel, coffee and raisins. The finish is reminiscent of Christmas pudding or rich dark fruit and brown sugar and is a must-have for sitting in front of the fire on Christmas Eve with the tree glistening and festive tunes playing in the background. Should the weather be snowy and cold the Delirium Noël will be sure to warm you.

Thanks to Christian Moger for recommending this great beer! “Delirium Noël; pink elephant with a Santa hat! You can’t beat that.”-Christian Moger



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