12 Beers of Christmas-Day 3 (Big Rock, Lumberjack Pack)

Photo Credit-Big Rock Brewery

On this wintery Monday I thought it would only be appropriate to cheer you up with not one but three beers on day three! Big Rock Brewery has released the new Lumberjack Pack with a variety of tasty strong ales. Though they are strong in alcohol content, each have their own personality with one more dark than the others, one with more wild fruit notes and another with a crisp earthy spruce kick.

The Lumberjack Pack is only around for a limited time in Alberta and B.C. so be sure to pick up a couple six packs for the holiday. My favourite beer from the pack is Twisted Antler, and one that can get away with being a ‘breakfast beer’ for the holidays. Imagine, opening your gifts on Christmas morning, fire-side, beer-in-hand. Now that’s what I call a Christmas miracle! Twisted antler is a beautiful dark ale with rich notes of cocoa and coffee. This beer is actually brewed with Colombian coffee as well as Caramel, Chocolate, Munich and Pale malts. The rich chocolate undertones blend nicely with just hints of licorice in the finish. Enjoy this with dark chocolate or a slice of coffee cake.

The next beer in the pack is the Spruce Goose, and should be sipped after cutting down your Christmas tree (for those late holiday prep folk), or next to your tree while snacking on mild cheese and crackers. This amber beer is brewed with spruce tips to create an ever so subtle and refreshing earthy flavour, mellowed out with honey and a citrus finish.

The last beer in the pack, Hibernation, has the most complex variety of ingredients, and though it’s a fruit beer by style, it’s dry and ever so delicate with flecks of floral notes. Picture yourself sitting in a forest filled with juniper berries, wild strawberries, rustic and statuesque birch trees, pretty and plush roses, the aroma of wood and elder flowers filling the air — now picture that in beer form; to.die.for. As Big Rock puts it, this beer contains everything that a bear would eat before hibernation, and it truly is ‘our home and native land, now in liquid form.’ The earthy ingredients are combined with honey and maple sugar to create a complex, yet easy drinking and mild brown fruit beer.

Grab a Lumberjack Pack today (6 pack)! It’s a limited edition and each is sure to please the different taste buds at your holiday gathering. Better yet, keep em’ for yourself!



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