12 Beers of Christmas-Day 4 (Granville Island, Lions Winter Ale)


Photo Credit-Granville Island Brewing website

I had the pleasure of visiting the Granville Island Brewery this past October and was honoured to meet brewmaster Vern Lambourne. They had just finished brewing and shipping the seasonal pumpkin ale, The Pumpkining, that I enjoyed every ounce of on tap in Vancouver, and back in Calgary in the bottle. Since the fall, Granville has switched over to serving the infamous Lions Winter Ale for the winter season. This gem is available from October to March to keep you warm and toasty through the winter. This year is a very special one for the brewery as it marks the 10th Anniversary of Lion’s Winter Ale-It’s THAT good! This isn’t the brewery’s first milestone; they were Canada’s first microbrewery and have been in operation for nearly 30 years!

Lions Winter Ale is the epitome of a seasonal winter brew with warm chocolate, vanilla and caramel notes. The blend of the flavours are neither too sweet or over-powering and one sip is like a warm blanket over your taste buds. Pair with bacon wrapped pork tenderloin or aside your Christmas lamb, even turkey! Or enjoy it the way I love to; curled up on the couch with a warm blanket while watching your favourite Christmas flicks.

For you seasonal beer fans in eastern Canada, such as Ontario, you’re lucky to be able to find this one in LCBO and other stores with the wider distribution of this brew since Creemore Springs bought the company in 2009. No matter how you enjoy this one, Lions Winter Ale will be sure to bring back memories of the winter before.



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