12 Beers of Christmas-Day 6&7 (WRB Cherry Porter & Rogue Chocolate Stout)

Well I must admit, due to some serious Christmas party-ing this weekend I failed to post day 6 of the 12 Beers of Christmas. I’ll be featuring two wonderfully delicious brews today, two of which I’ve indulged in this weekend at National on 10th (Calgary, AB). They are both big, bold and tastily rich. What can I say, I kinda owe it to you after skipping out on yesterdays beer of the day.

Photo credit-Wild Rose Brewery website

Photo credit-Wild Rose Brewery website

The first one, Wild Rose Brewery’s Cherry Porter, is one I look forward to each winter. It reminds me of black forest cake in liquid form with some knock-out cherry and mocha notes. It’s brewed with only the juiciest and plump B.C. cherries, giving it a delicate fruitiness that’s balanced with rich, roasted malt notes. A strong yet smooth beer at 6.6% with just ever so slight dark bitter chocolate notes in the finish. Cherry Porter is available starting in November each year and is available for a limited time, until stores/pubs run out, and you can be sure they will, and fast! Available in 1L swing-top bottles or on tap. Enjoy with your favourite Christmas cookies or fudge.

Photo credit-Rogue Brewery website

Photo credit-Rogue Brewery website

So this next one, though available all year round, is Rogue Brewery’s Chocolate Stout and sure packs a ton of rich chocolate punch. The recognition in awards that this beer has received is only a small testament to its wealth of flavours and superior quality. It is even the only US beer to have won an award at the Mondial de la Biere Festival in Strasbourg, FranceIt is hands-down my favourite stout with creamy and sweet chocolate notes, full-body from rolled-oats; it’s the perfect combination of bitter and sweet. Fun fact about this beer; the recipe for this beer was created a number of years ago for export to Japan. Sip on Rogue’s Chocolate Stout paired with a chocolate truffle atop a dollop of candy cane ice cream-yum!



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