12 Beers of Christmas-Day 8&9 (Village Monk & Grizzly Paw Rutting Elk Red)

Happy Christmas Eve day to everyone! I hope you’re all taking the time to visit with family over a nice cold beer. I’m lucky to have my sister here from Whistler, B.C. and my mother and step-father from Dundas, Ontario for the holidays. In celebration we’ve picked up a couple great beers, among others.

Photo Credit-Village Brewery website

Photo Credit-Village Brewery website

Village Brewery, brews a limited edition called Village Monk, which is a chai winter porter. When everyone’s sipping on mulled wine this is my holiday go-to. It has tons of seasonal notes; everything from cloves, cardamom, chocolate, mint and ginger to hints of fennel and peppercorn. It’s very balanced with a subtle mint finish and a nice roasted malt profile. The Monk is available in growlers and on tap at many Calgary pubs. Grab a growler or two for the holidays. I’ve enjoyed a glass with a chocolately caramel Turtle on the side. It was delicious!!

For those that enjoy a more medium bodied ale, try Grizzly Paw Brewery’s Rutting Elk Red. This scottish style beer is great aside roasted peanuts or with a prime rib meal. It’s dark copper in colour and has delicate roasted and toasted notes and caramel in the finish. This is a great session beer for the holidays at 5.2% and with medium carbonation.

Photo Credit-Grizzly Paw Brewery website

Photo Credit-Grizzly Paw Brewery website

Thanks for keeping tuned in to the 12 Beers of Christmas! Stay tuned for the final three brews to get you through Christmas Day. The final brew will be posted on Boxing Day and will be a great one to celebrate with after a fun but tiresome holiday!



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