Must-Have Brews for Super Bowl XLVIII

As the Seahawks and Broncos get ready to kick off Super Bowl XLVIII, you’ll want to be prepared with the perfect beers for the occasion. Gear-up with your jersey, stock the living room with some staple Super Bowl eats and crack a beer while cheering on your team! These beers will be sure to put you in the Super Bowl spirit and some may even make you feel like you’re right there on the sidelines in New York watching the game.

Now let’s be honest, most Super Bowl parties involve the pre-show, the entire game and reliving some of the highlights with friends following the game. That said, your Super Bowl party this Sunday may very well be a nearly full-day event, so drink responsibly. These beers will quench your thirst, and with lower alcohol content will allow you to be the first one standing at each touchdown.

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In the spirit of Super Bowl taking place in New York, the first choice beer is straight out of upstate New York from Schmaltz Brewing Company, one of the top 100 brewers in the world. Messiah Nut Brown Ale by Schmaltz is one of my favourites from their portfolio, as it’s easy drinking, has a very nice balance of malt and roasted notes and finishes with just a touch of chocolate. Cheers to your teams first touchdown with a glass of this paired with some messy bbq chicken wings.

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If a traditional lager is more your style, Brooklyn Brewery out of Brooklyn, New York makes a Vienna style lager simply titled ‘Brooklyn Lager’. This nice crisp lager has lots of refreshing flavour with just ever so subtle floral hop notes. The caramel-copper hue must be admired by pouring into a proper flute beer glass. Brooklyn Lager pairs nicely with any number of different dishes, though is a great palate cleanser with chili dogs and cheesy dips.

Photo Credit-Instigator Communications c/o Guy McClelland

Photo Credit-Instigator Communications c/o Guy McClelland

Check out these next Belgian brew which will pair great with stews and chili or roasted beer nuts. PALM is your classic Belgian brew with just gentle banana aroma from the yeast and warm bready malt notes. The malts used are very mildly sweet, making this Belgian beer a great one to enjoy for those that are new to Belgian beer. The full body and moderate carbonation of PALM proves perfect when paired with rich meaty dishes. If you’re interested in trying some other great European beers, check out the infographic below; there’s a beer to please every palate.

Photo Credit-Instigator Communications, c/o Guy McClelland

Photo Credit-Instigator Communications, c/o Guy McClelland

For you local Calgarians out there, these next two are from two local breweries. Tool Shed Brewing is the hottest brewery to hit Calgary in the past year. Their beer is brewed by two craft beer loving dudes that started out brewing beer, well…ever so fittingly in their back tool shed. They currently brew three beers; An IPA named Star Cheek, a red ale Red Rage and an easy sipping cream ale named People Skills. People Skills I’ve chosen as a must-have for the Super Bowl. Grab a six-pack of these and share with friends. People Skills is an easy-drinking session ale that pairs perfectly with pizza or pulled chicken sandwiches. It’s a creamy, thirst-quenching beer that is balanced well with light hop notes and smooth malt.  Big Rock has just released their first of 13 beers for 2014, and this first one to kick things off is a tasty ESB called Fowl Mouth. This is part of the Brewmasters Edition Series and is extra-special bitter brewed with actual UK Fuggles Hops as well as East Kent Golding Hops and three different types of malt. This one has lots of complex notes of citrus and warm malt which balances out the hop and malt beautifully. Get this one while you can as it is out for a limited time.

Whatever your plans are for Super Bowl, enjoy responsibly and pair with your favourite Super Bowl grub.



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